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The Truth About Fish Oil

By Shelly on January 16, 2014 in Health Education, Healthy Living, Healthy Supplements, Nutrition

fish oil capsulesAs we now know medical science has recently revealed that what ages our bodies and causes illness is chronic inflammation.

It is the silent disabler that causes no pain, but leads to atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke and also to more common

illnesses such as Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes Type 2.

What is the cause of this chronic inflammation and how do we prevent it?

Chronic inflammation has 3 main causes:-

1. Chronic stress:- not physical stress. Stress from rushing, worrying and getting angry and frustrated which leads to massive releases of stress hormones such as Cortisol and adrenalin.

2. The Standard Western Diet:- processed foods, too many processed starches, salt and sugars. Too many hidden preservatives, additives and other ingredients that cause mild irritation in the body. Not enough fresh fruits, vegetables and antioxidants to repair the cells. Overconsumption of alcohol causes inflammation to

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the liver cells.

3. Environmental Pollutants:- Exposure to chemicals that are new to our environment. In food alone, there are more than 10,000 chemicals allowed in food that prevents spoilage, improves appearance, flavour and/or texture in packaged foods. Smoking is an optional environmental pollutant.

Chronic inflammation leads to vascular disease and in turn leads to atherosclerosis, mental decline, heart attack and strokes.

Chronic inflammation also can lead to insulin resistance, which then in turn can lead to fat storage, Obesity and then Metabolic Syndrome, which if not addressed can finally lead to Diabetes Type

Why is everybody now suffering from chronic inflammation as they age?

1. Chronic inflammation is majorly due to a severe shortage of Omega 3s in

the standard Western Diet.


2. 9/10 people are not taking the right type of fish oil in the TG form and

they are not receiving the therapeutic dose.

How can I reduce or prevent inflammation for myself and my family members?

If you take a quality TG form fish oil and you take the therapeutic dosage you can enjoy the benefits of reduced inflammation created by:-

  • Reduced pro-inflammatory cytokine production
  • Improved insulin response (this can lead to greater weight loss when dieting)
  • Reduced cortisol production
  • Improved mood
  • Improved cognitive function and memory
  • Reduction in C reactive protein
  • Reduced pain in muscles and joints.

To enjoy these benefits you need 2-3 grams each day. The important part is the amount of DHA (For the brain, cognitive function, retina and infant development) and EPA (for vascular health) Daily DHA intake needs to be minimum 400mg/day and daily EPA intake needs to be a minimum of 600 mg/day. You may need more if you are suffering chronic pain.

The fish oil needs to be the TG form and in an enteric capsule for greater absorption.

Many people are taking 6-10 capsules each day but still not getting the therapeutic dosages and are suffering with reflux due to the coating of the

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capsule which results in digestion problems.

If you want the very best quality fish oil,( that is very high in DHA/EPA and delivers the smallest amount of pure, clean fish oil), call me today.

Break the cycle and start reducing

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systemic inflammation today by calling me and ordering your quality, practitioner only, high dose fish oil.

I hope you have all enjoyed learning the truth about fish oil


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The Truth About Fish Oil
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