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Welcome to Inner Strength Nutrition

By Shelly on September 1, 2013 in Website

Hi, my name is Shelly and I am a Nutritionist. I am passionate about eating healthy food and teaching others that share my passion. I am going to be sharing with you all my knowledge about food, including providing the occasional recipe or two that are popular in my household and with friends.

Whenever I am out socialising, people ask me a million different questions about food “Does honey make you live longer”, “do bananas relax you”, “should I be on the paleo diet?”

It is true that certain foods release chemicals that are calming to the central nervous system. And there are other foods that release chemicals that are stimulating. And there are foods that will give us maximum nutrition with calories, as well as foods that have absolutely no benefits and

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will actually make your body fat and sick long term. Some of these foods have been so manipulated and processed that they are considered ‘food products’ and I no longer view them as food.

People also ask my daughter “What is your whole family eating because you all look like you are drinking from the fountain of youth”, which really makes me laugh, and I can assure you it’s just good, whole, nutritious food combined with some regular exercise.

Every person is different and so every diet needs to be different for each individual, depending on their general activity levels, exercise programmes, size, weight, likes and dislikes. And that’s why I do see people for individual consultations at my clinic, particularly if they

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have any problems associated with digestion.

Please follow my blog, and learn all the secrets of good health, while I answer questions that everyday people and my clients ask me every day, and I am sure this will motivate you to include some of my healthy eating tips in your own diet, and you and your family can start enjoying the journey of optimal health through eating well!

Welcome to Inner Strength Nutrition
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Shelly Johnston is a Sydney based Naturopathic Nutritionist who runs a clinic called Inner Strength Nutrition. Shelly is very passionate about helping others to reach their full health potential through eating fresh, healthy and delicious foods


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